Private Fee Guide

Treatment Description
Private Fee

New patient examination including x-rays
£90.00 including x-rays

Children new patient examination

Regular Check up

Consultation with a specialist or 2nd opinion (30 minutes)

Emergency appointment

Endodontist consultation (30 minutes)

Hygienist Appointment

White Fillings (Small)
From £100.00

White Fillings (Medium)
From £160.00

White Fillings (Large)
From £200.00

Crowns/Inlays and Veneers
From £650.00

Dental Bridges (per Unit)
From £850.00

Recement Crown

Partial Acrylic Dentures
From £600.00

Denture Addition
From 125.00

Partial Chrome Dentures
From £ 950.00

Full Acrylic Dentures per arch
From £950.00

Full Chrome Denture per arch
From £1600.00

Mouth Guards
From £180.00

From £150.00

Surgical Extractions
From £300.00

Coronectomies of Wisdom Teeth
From £450.00

Wisdom Teeth
From £350.00

Root Canal treatment (Incisors)
From £300.00

Root Canal Treatment (Pre-Molar)
From £350.00

Root Canal Treatment (Molar)
From £500.00

Apicectomies with retrograde fillings
From 350.00

Periodontal treatment (Extensive gum Treatment) per Quadrant
From £250.00

Surgical Periodontal Treatment Per Quadrant
From £350.00

Implants per tooth
From £2500.00

From £3950.00

Invisalign Comprehensive (Free tooth whitening)
From £4530.00

Home Tooth whitening

Zoom Tooth Whitening (in Surgery Whitening + top up Kit)